Gooey Apple Pie Oats | Vegan + Refined Sugar Free

Peanut butter.

Thick, gooey and smooth, yet textural and crunchy if you’d prefer. Rich, indulgent and deeply flavoured, yet full of goodness, so satisfying and so nourishing.

It’s the perfect life partner: so versatile and will always find a way to make you happy.

It all just sounds too good to be true. Yet there it is, sitting in a jar in my pantry, begging to be slathered all over my oatmeal.

And to melt in my mouth on a spoon while I walk my bowl of breakfast warmth to my bedroom and devour it in two seconds flat from the cosiness of my bed.

Peanut butter really is the icing on the oatmeal.

I found my passion for the satiating spread at a time that made me throw it into the category of “pleasures to only be enjoyed occasionally and in small doses”.

I’m so pleased that I saw the light and realised that the more you limit your peanut butter intake, the more you limit the opportunity to start your day (or progress through it) with a beautiful glow.

Peanut butter is life. You’ll enjoy it more when you stop measuring and placing restrictions on it.

Gooey Apple Pie Oatmeal {vegan + refined sugar free}
Makes 1 beautiful bowl.


1 small apple (peeled + diced)

sprinkle of cinnamon

lemon juice

1/4 – 1/3 cup rolled oats

sprinkle of chia seeds

milk of choice (I use unsweetened almond)

vanilla extract

pinch of salt

Topping ideas

Mayvers spreads (I used – and am in love with – their Dark Roasted Peanut Butter).

Buckinis, for added crunch.


Maple syrup, for a hint of extra sweetness.


1. Coat your apple with cinnamon and a touch of lemon juice.  Place into a saucepan with a touch of boiling water over a medium heat.
Don’t add too much water –  add enough to reach half the height of your apple, and definitely not enough to cover it.
This is purely to steam and soften.

2. Keep an eye on the apple and allow it to stew until softened, then add your rolled oats and chia seeds to the mix.
Add vanilla extract and desired amount of milk to the saucepan.
I begin with enough milk to cover the mixture, but not enough to drown it. If it needs more along the way, I just add extra gradually whilst stirring.

3. Reduce heat. Stir a sprinkle salt into mixture and allow oats and chia seeds to absorb some liquid.

4. Stir, and add more milk/cinnamon if necessary until desired texture/flavour is reached.

5. Spoon that comforting delight into a bowl and cover in toppings.

Remember, don’t skimp on that spread.

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