Fig + Apple and Rose Tea-Infused Oatmeal | Vegan + Refined Sugar Free

For me, no breakfast routine is complete without an enormous, unmeasured dollop of peanut butter.  I haven’t always felt that way, though.

In fact, it’s been a long road of uphill and internal battles to push through apprehension and finally convince myself that it was totally okay to ditch the measuring spoon.

As I’ve said before, I’m so glad that I was able to do it.

I can’t explain the enjoyment I get from the simple pleasure of scooping a delicious mound of crunchy goodness straight from the jar and lathering it on my morning bowl of oatmeal without a second thought. 

Without a second thought on most days.

Because even though I have come so far, I still have those off moments of self-doubt.

I’ve come to realise the seed which grows into those awful thoughts of “ughh.. maybe that’s a tiny bit too much on my spoon. Maybe I should some back into the jar”.

They come from those tiny little influencers that remind me of darker times. The times where I tried to fit into a certain mould and always raise the bar in my mind.

Sometimes they come from days where I give in and jump on the scales. Sometimes they come from thoughtless words and opinions of my peers who really just have no idea about anything in my life or what’s going on inside my mind.

Things that have no right to influence my day or mood but sometimes have ways of creeping in and planting more little seeds of self-doubt.

But you know what’s more important than or any of the bullshit that makes you question how much edible happiness you’re going to heap onto your bowl of morning joy?

How delightful your day is. How often you smile. How warm your heart feels. How positive your mindset is. How happy you are.

Do something that makes your soul happy and shine every single day, and don’t question it for a second.

Of course you need every single grind of peanut that is on that giant spoon.

It’s an unmeasured amount of extra reasons to smile.

Apple + Rose Tea-Infused Fig Oatmeal {vegan + refined sugar free}
Makes 1 bowl of self-love.


two dried figs, roughly torn

sprinkle of cinnamon

splash vanilla extract

serving of Endeavour’s Lady Rose tea (or tea of choice)

1/4 – 1/3 cup rolled oats

sprinkle of chia seeds

about a cup of milk of choice (I used Vitasoy’s unsweetened coconut milk for this one)

sprinkle of shredded coconut

pinch of salt

Topping ideas

nut butter

caramelised or raw buckinis


1. Pour your milk into the saucepan and add tea, figs, cinnamon and vanilla extract.
Allow to brew for recommended time on box.

2. Strain the milk if you’d like. If not, add your oats and chia seeds.
Let them soak up some the milk until oats reach desired consistency.

4. Sprinkle and stir in some salt. Add a little more milk if it’s looking a little dry.
The key is to adjust the temperature to be a little lower if it starts to bubble. You don’t want it boiling.

5. Remove from heat, put it in your bowl, add lather on your toppings and enjoy!

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