Boozy Pear Oatmeal | Vegan + Refined Sugar Free

After five long years of study, I finally graduated University with two degrees last week. I think that qualifies for Rum as being totally okay for breakfast right now.

Okay, so I didn’t actually use any alcohol in this breakfast recipe.

I think that decision deserves a “Bachelor of Maturity and Restraint” in itself, considering I am now staring straight down the barrel at legitimate responsibility.

Will someone please explain to me the transition between seventeen years of education and into the real world? Does IKEA have a manual for that?

Oh god… I don’t know if I can handle this pressure.

Let me be young forever!

I’m just kidding (kinda). I’ll be okay (I hope).

But in all seriousness, I want to express my never-ending gratitude to absolutely anyone who has been present in my life along this very extensive journey.

During this time, there have been tears. There have been late nights. There have been many moments of emotional instability. Plenty of ignored texts, spams of texts, awful language in texts. Plenty of ignored invitations to real-life fun, plenty of pleas for real-life fun to aid my procrastination, plenty of awful language trying to explain my frustration to my parents (sorry Mum and Dad – I never meant for you to see that side of me).

But through it all, I have come out on the other side with two pieces of card which signify so much more than subject-based knowledge. They signify memories of every single experience I have had along the way. They show how lucky I am to be surrounded by such quality, incredible people who have always been there to catch me when I felt like I was falling.


These aren’t just my degrees. They belong to my beautiful family that extends well beyond the bloodline.

I have no words to share how appreciative and loving I am toward each and every member of this incredible group of people.

So instead, here’s cheers in the best way I know how – a bowl of breakfast.

Rum-infused Boozy Pear Oatmeal {vegan + refined sugar free}
Makes 1 bowl of Pirate Power


one half – OR – one pear (depending on whether you’d like to use the other half for toppings), chopped in to chunky pieces

sprinkle of cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 – 1 tsp rum essence (to your taste – mine resembles a “go hard or go home” approach)

1 serving dry rolled oats

sprinkle of chia seeds

sprinkle shredded coconut

milk of choice (I used Coco Quench coconut milk)

pinch of salt

Topping ideas

extra pear, stewed in cinnamon or more rum essence

nut butter (duh)

some raisins or chopped dates for that rum n’ raisin feel

raw or caramelised buckwheat groats


1. Pour your milk into the saucepan and allow to warm a little.

2. Add pear with cinnamon, vanilla extract and rum extract. Allow to simmer until pear is softened and soaked.

3. Add your oats, chia seeds and salt.
Let them soak in the milk until oats reach desired consistency.

The key is to stir or adjust the temperature if it starts to bubble. You don’t want it boiling or burning at the bottom of the pan.

4. Remove from heat, put it in your bowl and allow to cool a little.

5. Add your toppings and retreat to your bed, taking a few moments to enjoy the morning and forget about all responsibilities!

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