Breakfast in bed: a bowl for my soul.

If you need me around 7:30am, you’ll find me in a cozy corner of bliss: as close to glowing sunshine that flows through my bedroom window as my mattress will get, wearing fluffy bed socks, with a bowl of soul in one hand and spoonful of peanut butter in the other. Divine.

I close bedroom door and leave my phone on the dresser behind me.

These moments are mine to enjoy. A few minutes of selfishness, self care and delight.

Breakfast is a meal I absolutely look forward to each and every day. It’s rare for me to stay up late when I’m spending the night at home, simply because if I go to sleep early, it means there is less time before the next sunrise when I can wake up and do it all again.

I am determined to make the most of each and every moment.  The warmth of sun and the way its brightness increases the glow across my bedroom, the warmth of bowl in my hand, the leftover peanut butter on my spoon after I’ve smeared it across my oatmeal, the hint of saltiness against the sweet flavours. I savour every second, every bite.

It inspires my day with anticipation, excitement, positivity, goodness, flavour, enrichment and nourishment.

I implore you to have at least one morning each week where you find your corner of bliss.

Whether it’s breakfast in silence from the coziness of your bed sheets; out on the balcony and to the sound of birds chirping; a sandwich taken down to the local park for lunch; a snack, or a cup of tea outside your office door; dinner cross-legged on the couch, salsa music in the background.

Don’t wait for someone to deliver your moment of bliss. Do it yourself, for you, and do it exactly the way you picture it.

You deserve it.

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