How to move to Canada.

Yesterday marked 2 weeks since I moved across the world.

I packed my life into 20.6kg and wheeled it behind me all the way from the warm, sunny suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland to the quaint and shivery town of Canmore, Alberta.

I’m not sure if it feels “real” yet  – or if it ever will, considering this is now the view from my kitchen window.

It’s weird. Of course I miss my family and my friends back home, but I still have yet to cry over the thought of them being on the other side of the planet.

Maybe it’s because with all this technology I am still able to see their smiling faces, and I can still be comforted by the sound of their voices asking when I’d like for them to send over a supply of Tim Tams.

Or maybe it’s because, even though I’ve had time to myself, I’ve not once yet felt alone.

I made friends on the flight to Vancouver. I made friends when I arrived in Vancouver. I made friends with my new housemates in Camore. I’ve made friends at work, around work, at work events. The list goes on and I know it will only continue to.

Despite this, the first two weeks of being here and out of my routine have not all happened with a calm, beautiful breeze such as that which hovers around the mountains I am constantly surrounded by.

I’ve been working nearly every day since I started. I’m so grateful for this, because it allows me to continue living here. But I’d be lying if I said the very early starts and dark walks to the bus stop as well as the minimal wages weren’t draining or didn’t require any getting used to.

It sent me into a little bit of panic in the first few days, but then I took a moment to remind myself why I left home to take this adventure in the first place. Was it purely to work, or was it to experience the world?

The answer was clear.

I thought I’d take this morning I had free to write and tell you that the snow is settling more each and every day.

I emptied my first jar of peanut butter last night whilst I watched The Office on Netflix after Facetiming my Mum and Dad.

This morning, I used it to enjoy a WARM (!!! note – not freezing cold overnight oats scoffed down on the morning staff bus!!!!!!) serving of apple pie oats, which I prepared in front of the breathtaking views perched outside my kitchen window.

I’m discovering new places and trying new things every day. I’ve started looking for ski gear and tomorrow I’ll go skiing for the first time. Who’d have thunk?

Most importantly, I’m making new lifelong companions from all corners of the world. From Canada to Manchester, New Zealand to Barcelona. Whether they’re future coffee buddies or a bed to crash in on future journeys, I’m excited to see how this all unfolds.

Until next time.

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