Four weeks, Three Sisters, two jars of peanut butter.

How have I eaten so much peanut butter?

I’m not sure how long it used to take me to get through a jar at home, but I’m sure it was more than two weeks.

Is this me spreading my wings as an adult and accepting the crown of PB queen?  Or is it me pushed into the big scary world and panicking?

Either way, I’ve learned a lot over the four weeks that have passed since I arrived in my new home.

It’s weird. It feels like it’s been so much longer.

As I said a couple of blogs ago, I’m meeting new people and building my friendships. It feels like I’ve known some people for a lifetime, and it feels like it’s been a lifetime sice I’ve seen others.

I’ve been blissful, I’ve been stressed, I’ve been pushed to my limit, I’ve been adventurous, I’ve been to bingo.

I’ve lost my favourite beanie..

.. and I’ve been marvelled over its return through the magic of social media and the kindness of others.

Where has the time gone?  How is it almost Christmas? What will I do to celebrate?

It doesn’t even feel like it’s creeping up. Nothing feels like it’s really happening. I still feel like I’m dreaming.


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