About Me

I’m Jess.

I’m from Brisbane, Australia.

I love this place I’ve called home for so long; the weather is so perfectly balanced with every season; it is (usually) so friendly and liveable; the city is changing in many exciting ways; everyone feels like family.

But I’ve never really been the kind of person who is comfortable with sitting still.

Moving and traveling is so important to me. I’m eager for new experiences and to have stories to tell. I’m a Journalism and Public Relations graduate looking forward to breaking free from the routine of studying and diving into the deep end of the universe to live a tale that’s never been lived before.

I need to be submerged in some crazy shit that isn’t at home. That way I’ll always know I have some kind of sanity to return to in this fortunate country.

Follow my journey which begins from the comfort of home and will probably progress through shitting my pants in the face of exciting adventure to living on shrapnel, but always painting the pages of my documented adventure in the brightest of colours.

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