How to move to Canada.

Yesterday marked 2 weeks since I moved across the world. I packed my life into 20.6kg and wheeled it behind me all the way from the warm, sunny suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland to the quaint and shivery town of Canmore, Alberta. I’m not sure if it feels “real” yet  – or if it ever will, considering…

Breakfast in bed: a bowl for my soul.

If you need me around 7:30am, you’ll find me in a cozy corner of bliss: as close to glowing sunshine that flows through my bedroom window as my mattress will get, wearing fluffy bed socks, with a bowl of soul in one hand and spoonful of peanut butter in the other. Divine.

Lemon + Ricotta Pancakes For 1 | Refined Sugar Free

I’m kinda bummed that, instead of always seeming to accidentally add ex-boyfriends from donkey years ago on Facebook while half-asleep at 1am, I didn’t think to research healthy ricotta pancake recipes until last night.