My 2 years in Canada are over.

Two years ago I moved from Australia to Canada. I was fresh out of university and couldn’t have been less interested in pursuing a career if I wanted to. I don’t understand how the years went so fast, but I can’t recall a better 730 days of my life.

On “family”.

After all that talk about adventuring and hiking last week, I broke my foot.

Remember me?

Hey you. It’s been a while. Last time we spoke, I was one month into my Canadian adventure. Would you believe me if I told you it’s now been 21 months since I packed my life up and moved halfway across the world?

How to move to Canada.

Yesterday marked 2 weeks since I moved across the world. I packed my life into 20.6kg and wheeled it behind me all the way from the warm, sunny suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland to the quaint and shivery¬†town of Canmore, Alberta. I’m not sure if it feels “real” yet ¬†– or if it ever will, considering…